Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I think I've found my calling!

1:24 am

I haven't written here for a while. Time flies!

What have I done so far?
Finished my Internal Medicine rotations. Finished my Dentistry and Neurology electives. Now I am in my fourth week of ObGyn, which by the way I love love love!

My Doctor is amazing. He shows you how compassionate a Doc can be and he actually won an award for being the most compassionate Doctor in our hospital! The patients love him, he's had patients who still come to him from when he was first training in residency, and he's been around for a good 30-35 years now!

So far, not only have I had many hours in the clinic but also in the OR. I saw two vaginal births (my first time!!) and scrubbed in for a C-section. I've seen many hysterectomies, salphingoophrectomies, hysteroscopies, D&Cs, and two amazing robotic procedures performing hysterectomies and several laproscopic procedures for cyst removal and tubal ligation.

I think I've found my calling. Just last week a couple came into the office heartbroken and on edge. The woman was pregnant, I believe just 11 weeks into her pregnancy, but she was high risk. I won't get into the details, but they were on edge because they had lost three children previously, due to spontaneous miscarriages and one due to premature birth and the baby was alive for only a few hours. I can see why they were heartbroken. Both the husband and wife were in tears. My Doctor held their hands and said "You have come to me, we are family now. I am going to make sure that you carry this baby to full-term, and you not only give birth to a beautiful healthy baby, but you are going to take him/her home with you in your arms." That is when it hit me, what a beautiful moment to share with them. I was a medical student, simply observing. But to be a Doctor in the future where I can say these exact words with such confidence and help a woman and her husband through this and bring a beautiful child into this world that they can love and care for, what a gift indeed!

I've started researching into ObGyn residency programs. I have to apply for residency as of 2010 September. I need to kick butt on the Step 2 CS and CK which I'll be taking in 2010 aswell.

Next week I'll be flying home to spend time with my family :) The US Thanksgiving is happening next week so I'll be getting time off, woohoo! Can't wait to go home and eat Mom and Grannie's food!

Time to get back to the books. I drank a whole mug full of delicious Foldgers Vanilla flavoured coffee :) I'm wide awake! Gotta hit the books hard if I want to be prepared for my Step 2 within the next 5-6 months. 2o10 is just around the corner, gosh! What an important year!

Night night!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oink oink!

So I started jogging about a month ago.

It occured to me (or well, my friend made it occur to me), who wants a fat/out of shape Doc? Wouldn't it be kinda silly to have a patient come in, who is obese, has diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia etc. etc and there I am, the Fat-Doc telling this patient,"you need to get in shape. Have you tired changing your diet? How about exercising a couple times a week? Start off with simply walking three-four times a week, 20-30 minutes a day, that shouldn't be too hard right?" And the patient is going to sit there, looking at me, with a raised eyebrow, thinking "mmmhmmm, and has SHE tried her own advice?"

Putting that aside, I've been pigging out on Pizza and Burger King the last three days, and after eating I do the worst thing ever! I take a nap out of the exhaustion of "eating". Sad sad sad.

So that's it. Today I woke up from my nap feeling as piggish and disgusted as ever, put on my jogging pants, sweatshirt and shoes and went out for a brisk jog - or well, a half walk half jog. And here I sit sweating and panting away, proud of myself for getting back at the routine after three days of being a piggy. As of tomorrow no more eating bad foods and taking a nap. More jogging and more healthy food eating!

Wish me luck!

- signing off,
Sleepless in Chicago

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've started yet another blog

Random rants at 11:58 pm.

It's late in the night and I'm trying to get the Dale Dubin book (Rapid Interpretation of EKGs) read up. Tomorrow my Doc is going to pull out several EKGs and we're going to be "discussing" it. Discussing - meaning actually grilling me with questions. Ughhh...

I have about a week left for my IM rotations to come to an end. I enjoyed it, but I've pretty much decided that I can't see myself going into IM in the future.

ObGyn and Peds are my other two options, so I have to make sure I kick butt at it. ObGyn is just around the corner and I'm excited!

Saw a patient with Scabies today, and now I'm paranoid that I've scabies. Shyte! What's this new little bump I see on my skin???

Back to Sick Sinus Syndrome!

- signing off as,
Sleepless in Chicago